Here are my projects


PC, curently released as early access on Steam

A rougelike shooter (heavily influenced by BoI's success) I started making in high school. I launched a succesful Kickstarter for it my senior year and it went on to be Greenlit on Steam! Still in development. Can be purchased on Steam.



iOS, in development

An interactive horror experience at your fingertips! Based on witchcraft, the Blair Witch project, etc. Currently in development. I'm doing all of the coding for this.



PC/HTML5, gamejam entry

A psychadelic shooter made for GameJolt's 4th game boy game jam. I made this within a weekend. Limited to four colors and the GameBoy's aspect reatio.

Beach Kid

iOS, in development

An arcard hack-n-slash for iOS. Currently developing the framework within GameMaker: Studio. Planning on including in-app monitzation features like character skins, boosts, and extra weapons.


PC, simulation

Inspired by fiber optic lights, I wanted to stress test GameMaker's line drawing functions. Press 'R' to generate a new set of trees. Pretty to look at, but it may not be the most optimized screensaver.


Proud Snake

PC, simulation

A stress test of GameMaker's line drawing functions. The cosmic snake follows your mouse and grows when you hold the space key. Scroll up and down to adjust the lenght of the lines. 'R' to reset.


Michigan Glenn Center

Web Design and Development

Worked with U of M to design and develop a site for the Paul F. Glenn Center after their labs have recieved funding. Stuck with a minimal design to steamline the consumption of information within the site.


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Some words about me

At the curious age of 10 I taught myself the very basics of programming through web development. I wanted to make a living at this age by putting AdSense ads on the websites I made. (Haha, right.) Little did I know that I would be using these skills professionally later.

At that age I was also using Tenchu's level editors to create "obstacle courses" that I'd make my cousins play through. I had an eye for level design and, soon, I was making small computer games via GameMaker's drag and drop code editor. I made my share of mediocre platformers and top-down Halo clones. The experience was exhilerating.

Today, I am a passionate student attending the University of Michigan's College of Engineering. I am pursuing a degree in computer science there. While setting time aside for my studies I also do web development/design and game development on the side.

If you have any questions or would like to collaberate on a project, contact me below! I'm always looking for new problems to tackle and opportunities to create amazing things.

Languages: C++, Java, GML

Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Squarespace, Dreamweaver

Creative: Photoshop, After Effects, basic modeling in 3ds Max

IDEs: GameMaker: Studio, Unity, Eclipse

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